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Why building your online presence can help future-proof your career

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It’s crazy how a lot can happen in a week. For those in New York, we had the worst air quality ever seen in the city. Thankfully, that’s over now, hurray! In the last few months, we’ve highlighted successful stories of how seemingly ordinary people built an online presence and have been able to accelerate their careers beyond their wildest dreams. We’ve highlighted people like Sam Parr, Meagan Loyst, Tim Ferriss, Andrew Gazdecki, and many more.

Now, it’s time to focus on why you should be building an online presence too. Especially if you want to ensure that your career is fulfilling and full of new and exciting opportunities as Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more mainstream at work. So, how does building a strong online presence accelerate your career?

You’ll establish yourself as a leader in your space

We all have something of value to share with others. In fact, your insights, lessons and stories are valuable to people you don’t know yet. You have a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be unleashed. And by sharing your knowledge and experiences on a more consistent basis, people will begin to associate you as a leader in your industry or your community. This way, you’ll now be recognized as one of the go-to people when it comes to things you’re passionate about. Even though it takes deliberate consistent effort to become a leader online, the results and outcomes are so worth it.
Netflix’s co-founder couldn’t have said it better in his recent tweet. Take a look

You’ll build a community of advocates that want to see you win

We all crave community. It’s an essential part of who we are as humans. The thing about building an online presence is that, you’ll now be able to build relationships with other like-minded people on the internet. This opens up a world of possibility because, you’ll now be able to interact with people who have similar goals, beliefs and passions.

The platform and medium you choose doesn’t matter much. Whether that’s Twitter, LinkedIn, a newsletter, Youtube, TikTok, etc, be sure to pick a medium that comes naturally to you and stick with it. Over time, you’ll begin to see a community of people form around your passions and knowledge. These people can even become your life-long friends who will then turn into your advocates and make referrals for you.

You’ll have plenty of business and career opportunities to choose from

AI is certainly going to change the way we work. As AI becomes infused into many businesses, we’ll need to adapt and learn to work with it. Truth is that, a large part of knowledge work will likely get automated away in the next few years.

One skill you can learn or perfect to give you an edge in a post-AI world is how to build a strong online presence. You see, building an online presence has to do with sharing your stories, knowledge and lived experiences. These things are usually unique to you. So when you build an online presence over a long period, your reputation and leadership increases in such a way that people will automatically gravitate towards you and your ideas. In a post-AI world, your ability to build and maintain an engaged community will be immensely valuable, whether that’s online or offline.

Building an engaged community comes with lots of opportunities for advancing your career or business. As time goes on, your audience will begin to connect you to others looking for your particular expertise, they’ll reach out about collaborating, and some of them will even want to pay you for your ideas and experiences. This will bring you career optionality and a host of exciting opportunities at your disposal. Your time is now!


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Salley is your personal career coach that helps you master AI-proof skills, such as building a strong online presence. As the workplace evolves due to AI, Salley helps you to easily master relevant skills that can't be easily automated. If you're looking to build your online presence to unlock more career or business opportunities, be sure to request early access at

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