We're on a mission to foster relationships that empower innovators to succeed.

About us

We envision a world where creators can produce content without fear of burnout.

Creators are the future of media. They keeps us informed, healthy and entertained. We follow them for workout routines, meal ideas, industry insights, career tips and anything in between. Yet, we rarely ask what happens behind the scenes of the fun video or the delightful article.

Creators pour their hearts and souls into their ideas and work tirelessly to share them with us. Often, they spend months creating without seeing tangible results. This is challenging, emotionally taxing and many end up having to choose between self-care and doing what they love.
Our Team
Richard Mensah
Leia Ruseva
Our core values


Stay curious and question everything


Listen and empathize, there are always two sides to a story


No politics, ideas over titles

Transparency & collaboration

Don’t hide things, engage in productive discussion

Drive for excellence & results

Strive to do better than yesterday
Our Story
On a rainy evening in the fall of 2018, Richard and Leia found themselves in a small restaurant near Boston's North End. Brought together by the Forbes Under 30 Conference, they were busy discussing a problem: why was it so hard for startups to spread the word about their products.

Both of them had faced this challenge: Richard as a startup founder in his native Ghana and Leia as the first marketing hire at two Boston startups. Ads were expensive, media was powerful but how were you supposed connect with the right writer or podcaster? That was only half of the problem. As former creators, they both knew how hard it was to create high-quality content on a regular basis.

The restaurant had emptied out, and as the waiter started turning off the lights, Leia and Richard looked at one another: it was time for a change. The rest, as they say, is history.
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