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Sessions led by seasoned leaders with experience from

Monthly leadership workshop sessions
led by industry leaders and experts
A few of our session leaders
Howard Lerman
Founder & CEO at Roam, former Founder & CEO at YEXT

He has more than 17+ years of leadership and management experience. He took YEXT public on the NYSE in 2017 for over $3 billion as CEO
Scarlett Sieber
Sr. Director of Product Strategy at Stack Overflow

Ellen leads Generative AI at Stack. Prior to this, Ellen led product at Chegg, Thinkful, Pearson, Gradeable, among others. She also holds a Master’s from Harvard
Scarlett Sieber
Chief Strategy & Growth Officer at Money20/20

Scarlett has 15+ years of experience as a leader and executive. She's worked as a senior leader at NASA, USAA, Opus Bank, BBVA, etc. She's also a contributor at Forbes, The Huffington Post, etc.
Lucas Fox
Former General Manager 'Brex for Startups', Co-founder & Chairman at Grupo Dadivar
Lucas led a 100+ person Engineering/Product/Design, Operations, and Sales teams focused on venture-backed startups, overseeing 50% of Brex’s P&L. Brex now valued at $12 billion.
"It was great to connect with other leaders interested in improving the same skills I'm working on myself!  Those expert-led practice exercises allowed me to refine my storytelling skills a safe space, so I could avoid bombing in front of my own team."
Andrew Cohen
Founder & CEO at Brainscape
(14 years+ of management and leadership experience)
Salley Sessions topics include:
Storytelling and Self-Mastery

Transform ideas into impactful narratives that inspire, connect, and drive results
Building a Strong Professional Brand Online
Elevate your professional brand online for lasting impact and opportunity.
Strategic Thinking, Managing & Decision Making
Boost your strategic thinking, management, and decision-making prowess.
Negotiation and Persuasion
Master the art of impactful negotiation and effective persuasion.
Effective Conflict Resolution
Develop effective conflict resolution techniques for harmonious and productive outcomes.
Productivity and Prioritization
Elevate your productivity and master prioritization for peak performance.
Managing & Working with Distributed Employees
Excel in managing and engaging distributed teams for unified team success.
Coaching, Feedback and Accountability

Foster team excellence through coaching, constructive feedback, and accountability.
Collaboration and Motivation

Champion collaboration and motivation for unparalleled team success.
Leading Change

Catalyze organizational transformation through visionary change leadership.
Awareness, Authenticity & Empathy

Cultivate self-awareness, authenticity, and empathy to lead with integrity and impact.
Rapid Trust

Accelerate trust-building through transparency, vulnerability, and authentic connections.

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Salley Sessions empowers you with well-researched frameworks, best practices and guides so you can successfully navigate leadership challenges

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Frequently asked questions

What specific leadership topics do this cover?
We'll embark on a transformative journey where you'll gain expertise in Self-Mastery, Authentic Storytelling, Building a Powerful Online Brand. In addition, you'll master the art of Effective Communication, People Development, and Conflict Resolution. You'll also learn to Manage Distributed Teams, Prioritize Productively , and Navigate Negotiations with ease, among others skills. Salley is your key to evolving into a resilient, impactful leader ready to excel in this demanding and ever-changing professional world.
Are there any prerequisites or specific levels of experience required to join Salley?
Salley requires a minimum of 5 years of professional experience, ensuring participants bring valuable insights and real-world perspectives to enrich the learning experience. This prerequisite is designed to create a mature, experienced group, fostering advanced discussions and practical application of leadership skills. It’s an environment tailored for professionals ready to deepen their leadership expertise and drive impactful change.
When are the in-person leadership development sessions scheduled and how long do they last?
Our live group-coaching sessions are scheduled once a month and span three hours each. These sessions are a blend of group coaching led by industry experts and leadership development opportunities. This structure provides ample time for in-depth learning, and valuable interactions with peers, fostering professional growth. The duration and frequency are designed to fit into busy schedules while delivering a comprehensive and engaging experience.
Who are the industry experts leading the in-person sessions?
Salley's leadership development sessions are led by esteemed industry figures, including founders, CEOs, executives and industry experts. These seasoned leaders, like the Director of Product Management from Stack Overflow who previously led a session, bring a wealth of experience and expertise, offering participants not just theoretical knowledge but practical, real-world insights in a dynamic group setting.
How does the leadership AI complement the in-person leadership workshops?
Participants will receive exclusive early access to our upcoming AI leadership coach, a feature designed to significantly enhance your leadership development. Complementing our in-person leadership workshops, this AI tool offers personalized, adaptive learning, helping to reinforce and deepen the skills gained in sessions. This is a unique opportunity to be among the first to experience and benefit from this innovative approach to leadership development.
Can I get my Salley plan reimbursed by my company or organization?
Yes, you can get your Salley cost reimbursed! To facilitate this, See below for a draft template email that you can send to your manager, L&D team, HR leader, or benefits team. This template effectively communicates the value of the Salley program, highlighting how it aligns with both your professional development and the company's goals, simplifying the process of requesting reimbursement.
Salley template: Reimbursement Request link
Is there a refund policy for Salley?
Yes, Salley has a clear refund policy for your convenience and confidence. You can request a refund up to 30 days before your live group coaching sessions begin. This policy allows you to make your decision to join Salley with full assurance, knowing that you have the flexibility to opt out if your circumstances change or if you reconsider your commitment. Our aim is to ensure that you feel completely at ease with your decision, providing a risk-free opportunity to invest in your leadership development.
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