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Your questions, answered

Would Salley help me create content?
No. While we cannot help you create content, we can help you build the creative muscle you need to do so.
How does it work?
Salley is designed to keep you accountable to your content goals, so you can unlock the benefits of audience building. You set your content goals (e.g. posting 5 times a week for 10 weeks), we track your progress towards it, and when you hit your goal, you unlock a reward. As simple as that.
When can I use Salley?
We'll launch an NYC-focused beta in Q4 of this year. If you’re a New Yorker, we’d love to have you try it out. Otherwise, you can join the general release in 2023 :) 
What kinds of rewards can I expect? 
Our rewards are designed to alleviate stress in your life and drive more opportunities your way. From dinners with fellow audience builders to free fitness classes, our goal is to help you recharge after hitting your goals.
I don’t use Twitter. Can I still use Salley?
Absolutely. Salley is designed to help you no matter what platform you are using to build your audience. Whether you have a newsletter, podcast, etc, join Salley to unlock new benefits
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