Salley partners with Megaphone

I'm thrilled to share that Salley is partnering with Megaphone - a content amplification marketplace, founded by Michael Houck.

You can think of Salley as a coach that helps you navigate the workplace skill changes as AI becomes more mainstream.

Today, we're in private beta with one skill: Salley coaches you to build your online presence.To make the Salley experience much better, we're testing an integration with a content amplification marketplace. As such, we'll share qualified posts with people who have large accounts in your niche for engagement, so professionals can tap into their audiences as well. Megaphone assists with over 12 million impressions per month and they have a highly reputable network of relevant people who drive serious social proof and credibility in addition to impressions.

I first met Houck over 2 years ago just a few months after I moved to New York with no contacts at all. He was very friendly and welcoming. Such a full circle moment, haha.Our mission at Salley is to help future-proof the careers of 100m professionals before 2030. Especially as the workplace evolves due to AI. With this partnership, we can help professionals double down on building career leverage by building their online presence more easily.

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