New Salley Update

I'm thrilled to share a new, exciting update to Salley!

As some of you know, we’ve been testing one skill on Salley for a few months now - to help experienced professionals get better at building their online brand. The results so far, with a small group of paid early users has been phenomenal. Here's what one of our earliest customers had to say after joining Salley for 6 months.

Quote from early customer

We’ve seen good success with our beta product so we’re doubling down on the things that make Salley truly special for our most engaged customers. Starting next month, Salley will only serve emerging leaders and executives looking to improve their leadership skills significantly. It will now comprise of live group coaching sessions led by industry experts, world-class professional networking, all complemented by our very own AI leadership coach to empower professionals and teams to reach their fullest potential.

Over the years, I've come to understand that the importance of developing high value leadership skills early. That could literally be the difference between an exciting career and an unfulfilling one. Hard, technical skills can only get you in the door, however, your ability to be a leader will send you further.

Every year, companies spend north of $366 billion on leadership development for their employees with little to show for it. Salley is building a much easier, significantly better alternative for this.

We’re opening up a limited number of spots for the new version of Salley. Apply now if you're looking to develop strong leadership skills along with other peers from various companies.

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