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Unlock your potential: learn to build a strong online presence

Building your online presence can expand your career and business opportunities. However, for most professionals, it's overwhelming. It shouldn't be.
Get personalized weekly quests, tips and expert advice, so you can get better at building your online presence.

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Your online presence can accelerate your career
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How Salley helps you

Define your content goals

Decide what you want to achieve with Salley and receive bite-sized steps to get there

Get personalized weekly challenges

Receive weekly quests, gentle check-ins and helpful tips, tailored to your goal

Request guidance via text message

Reach out whenever you need personalized expert guidance about your online presence
What early adopters have to say

Before joining Salley I was endlessly procrastinating on “building my personal brand” despite knowing I should. Joining Salley gave me the accountability I needed to push me over the start line.
Xavier English
Co-founder at Supermix

Join a community of like-minded people

Meet others on the same journey through exclusive member-only experiences. Learn together, share best practices and make new friends. 

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Billed every 3 months
$99/ month
What you will get:
  • Define your near-term online presence goal
  • Personalized weekly quests designed with a human in the loop, to help you build your online presence
  • Reach out via text message whenever you need extra guidance
  • Meet others on the same journey IRL
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$949/ year
What you will get:
  • 1:1 hour long expert-led session to design a plan help you build your online presence
  • Personalized weekly quests designed to help you build your online presence
  • Reach out via text message whenever you need guidance
  • Meet others on the same journey IRL
  • Access to exclusive perks
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Custom Pricing
Build your online presence together with your team. Ideal for communities, venture funds, startup teams, etc

Everything in Individual. plus:
  • Expert-led workshop sessions
  • 1:1 guidance sessions with a dedicated expert
  • Team leaderboard
  • Access to a network of forward-thinking professionals
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Trusted by forward-thinking team members and alumni of

Built for forward-thinking professionals
"It has led to magical things for me!"
Jonaed Iqbal
Founder at NoDegree.com

Your questions, answered

How does Salley work?
Salley helps you clarify and set your content goal for the next 3 months. Once your goal is set, Salley automatically designs a series of personalized quests that will enable you to expand your online presence according to your 3-month goal. In the meantime, you can interact with Salley and get insightful answers whenever you have questions about taking your online presence to the next level.
What kind of weekly quests should I expect?
Depends on your goals. All of our quests are personalized and designed to help you achieve the goal you outlined when you joined Salley.
What happens after I hit my 3-month goal?
Our weekly challenges are optimized to help you complete your 3-month goal, but content creation is a long game. After you hit your 3-month goal, you can set another, more ambitious one and we will design new challenges to help you get there.
Why should I join the Salley community?
If you enjoy meeting ambitious, like-minded people who are on the same journey as you, the Salley community was designed for you. Joining allows you to learn together with a diverse set of professionals and exchange learnings with them along the way.
Who else is a part of the Salley community?
The Salley community consists of forward-thinking professionals across tech, real estate, media and more. It’s a diverse set of people coming together to learn a new skill.
What happens if I keep missing the challenges?
If you miss a challenge, we will ask you to complete an easier or the same challenge the next week. This way we can ensure you’re on track and the challenges are not too difficult. While there are no repercussions for missing the challenges, it does set you back on your 3-month goal, so you should probably try to complete them the first time around :)
Will Salley create content for me?
Not at this time. While we cannot help you create content, we can help you build the creative muscle you need to do so.

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