Salley Sessions

The First Salley Session of 2024

On Jan 30th 2024, we hosted a fireside chat and leadership group coaching session for a curated set of emerging leaders and executives in New York.

The attendees included founders, emerging managers and executives with strong experience from some of the best companies in the world - Google, Amex Ventures, Block, Palantir Technologies, Alfred, Brainscape, Chegg Inc., Schmidt Futures, among many others.

Our focus for this session was on storytelling for leaders, which was led by Ellen Brandenberger - the Director of Product Innovation at Stack Overflow. It was full of excitement, learnings and reflections. Overall the energy in the room was amazing!

It was a great start to Salley Sessions. I'm thrilled to see how these sessions transform the lives and careers of emerging leaders and executives for the better :)

Here are some pictures from that:


Richard Mensah - Founder at Salley

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