Savitude uses exposure to revolutionize fashion with AI

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    Fashion & Apparel
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    Palo Alto, California
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Savitude uses exposure to revolutionize fashion

Savitude uses AI to create the Figma for fashion design. Their technology enables designers to use a better design ideation process that provides better-fitted clothing, on trend, with a quicker time to market, while reducing costs and minimizing inventory. They are a graduate of the TechStars accelerator, founded by serial entrepreneur Camilla Olson and computer vision engineer Nick Clayton. Before joining EllisX they had to rely on their personal networks to get media coverage and speaking engagements. This meant sporadic opportunities and limited brand exposure. Since becoming an EllisX customer they've been able to increase visibility for the company through a steady stream of long-form interviews and speaking at industry events.

Scaling brand awareness

As the first company to bring AI into clothing design, Savitude had to find a way to establish a new market category. Exposure was crucial to increasing brand awareness and trust with prospective customers. However, as an early-stage startup, Savitude didn't have the budget to hire a publicist and opportunities for exposure were highly reliant on the founders' networks. This prompted them to look for a better way. After hearing about EllisX through the TechStars network, Savitude decided to give it a go.

From the very beginning the company was focused on finding a steady stream of exposure opportunities, not only for the CEO, but for the entire founding team. This way they could leverage the expertise of every team member to showcase unique aspects of the company. They knew that scaling brand awareness was directly proportional to the number of team members speaking about Savitude.

Accessing coveted media and speaking opportunities

Since joining EllisX, Savitude has been able to find a steady supply of opportunities for exposure, ranging from guest spots on award-winning podcasts to speaking at top-tier business events, which allowed them to meet and network with Fortune 500 executives. Some examples of their successes include:

  • Judging the prestigious MIT $100K Competition
  • Speaking at the 2020 HBS Dynamic Women in Business Conference
  • Interviews on podcasts with a combined audience of 2M+

Savitude has been able to do all this, while saving thousands of dollars in marketing spend and hours of time. Their CEO, Camilla Olson, said that

“EllisX is my secret weapon and the best bang for the buck around.”

Savitude is already seeing significant return on their investment in increasing brand awareness. The company has been able to start conversations with several billion-dollar US apparel companies, and has positioned itself as the go-to product for inclusive fashion design.

For Savitude, this is only the beginning of their quest to make fashion more sustainable by reducing excess clothing inventory to zero.

Spark new opportunities

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