How Ompractice is spreading the word about corporate yoga classes

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    Springfield, Massachusetts
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Ushering B2B yoga and wellness into the mainstream with Ompractice

Founded in 2017, Ompractice provides virtual group yoga and wellness classes to large businesses, insurers, and health systems to address population health issues and improve wellbeing. Through their platform Ompractice hosts 90+ interactive classes each week and works with over 50 diverse teachers from across the globe.  Ompractice first discovered EllisX through a community Slack channel and decided to give it a try in order to solidify their brand. They were looking for a cost-effective solution that would help them secure opportunities for exposure with little time invested. Prior to joining EllisX, they were largely foregoing speaking and media opportunities because of the time commitment required. Within days of joining the platform they had secured their first engagement.

Ompractice saw results in a week

Securing speaking engagements in 2 clicks

One of the main pain points for Ompractice was the amount of time needed to connect with and pitch event organizers looking for speakers. They recognized how powerful public speaking and storytelling are for brand building, but the process of finding events months in advance, submitting proposals and pitching event planners was way too time-consuming. With EllisX, they were able to see a curated list of speaking and media opportunities and express interest in less than a minute.

For Ompractice, our platform offered an easy way to share their story with relevant audiences in a sustainable and affordable way. The founders of Ompractice were able to not only express interest in existing speaking opportunities, but they also received inbound requests from media professionals wishing to interview them. Here are some of the results they've gotten with EllisX:

  • Speaking at a Startup Grind Boston event
  • Judging the MIT $100K Competition
  • Getting booked for multiple podcasts with business audiences

As the company continues to scale and brings live virtual yoga classes to more companies in the US, the ability to create a strong brand is crucial. With EllisX, they have already gotten a head start and are well-positioned to continue spreading the word about their platform with minimum marketing spend.

Spark new opportunities

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