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How Boson Motors brings attention to sustainable farming

Founded by ex-Google engineers, Boson Motors has developed the first-ever autonomous electric vehicle that runs on Android. While nowadays electric vehicles for personal use are more or less commonplace, Boson is bringing them to an industry that they have not yet reached - farming. Their founder & CEO, Arun Seelam, came to EllisX looking for ways to bring more attention to the unorthodox use of electric vehicles Boson is pioneering. As a technical founder with no marketing background, he wasn't sure where to start and how to get the word out. With EllisX, Arun was able to share his story and expertise through a variety of media outlets and events, while keeping his attention fully on creating an excellent product and providing superb customer experience.

A sustainable marketing channel for technical founders

Growing up, Arun was obsessed with cars. He also saw first-hand how dependent on diesel farmers were. He created Boson's electric trucks to help farmers reduce their diesel-dependency, allowing them to lower their cost of production (diesel fuel commands a high price tag) and reduce their carbon emissions. Arun knew that increasing brand awareness was crucial to helping society understand how impactful electric vehicles would be when deployed in the agriculture space. However, getting media attention was anything but easy. Even as an ex-Googler, he found it hard to get media coverage and secure speaking engagements. EllisX provided a convenient way to access curated opportunities on a recurring basis.

Within the first few months of joining EllisX, Boson was able to share their story and vision with multiple media outlets, reaching a combined audience of over 1,000,000 people. This allowed them to start educating the public about the challenges farmers faces, the benefits of bringing electric vehicles to the agriculture industry and the unique technology Boson had built.

Boson sees exposure as an important part of their marketing and branding strategy. As a startup that is pioneering a new technology in an underserved market, educating society about the problem they're solving is essential. With EllisX, they have found a way to do this easily and without having to spend a significant amount of money. Here are some examples of the opportunities they were able to get since they started using EllisX:

  • Speaking engagements at events, such as Startup Grind Boston
  • Guest spots on multiple podcasts, including Things Have Changed, Startup Competitors and Radio Entrepreneurs
  • Judge appointments at the prestigious MIT $100K Competition
  • Articles in publications like PetaCrunch

Boson founder and CEO Arun Seelam really likes the convenience and ease-of-use EllisX offers. According to him,

“It works very well, especially for technical founders who are more focused on product and customers than marketing.”.

For Arun and Boson, the benefit of EllisX goes beyond visibility and increased brand awareness. At an EllisX community event, he met an EllisX customer who was a TechStars alumna. A recommendation from her helped Boson get accepted in the 2020 Class of the TechStars Farm to Fork Accelerator, which will lead to wider adoption of their vehicles among farmers.

As the company continues to scale, Arun know that creating a powerful brand is essential in order to accelerate the farming industry's transition to sustainable energy. Boson plans to keep sharing its story and vision with the world, and because of EllisX they have an easy and affordable way of doing so.

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