Why we're giving female founders 50% off EllisX

This year the UN’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Women in Leadership”. And while more women are launching businesses and getting leadership positions, female founders are still underrepresented in startup land.

We all know the stats: female founders account for 28% of startup entrepreneurs globally, receive 7% of the funding, yet diverse teams outperform all-male teams. It’s about time we changed this.

At EllisX, we believe that it all starts with increasing diversity and representation. Currently, female founders tend to receive less media attention and they’re less likely to be invited to speak on panels…unless the panel is about being a female founder. This means that spreading the word about their startups is much  harder, negatively impacting their product distribution, growth and ability to attract funding.

If women received more air time on podcasts, newsletters, traditional media, events and Clubhouse rooms, they would have more opportunities to tell their startup stories, share their insights and vision for the future. The result would be increased brand awareness for their startups, which will help them build a fanbase of customers and attract investors faster. As a result, a new wave of billion-dollar businesses will be built, more jobs will be created and eventually, the gender wealth gap will be non-existent.

That’s why this month we’re offering women- founded startups 50% off their annual EllisX subscription. To take advantage of this offer, request an invite here.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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