Introducing Salley's Inspiring Creator NFT Drop

A few months ago we noticed something interesting. Our primary sources of information were no longer legacy media companies, but individual creators. Instead of newsletters from Fortune or Bloomberg, our inboxes were full with the thoughts of many smart individuals who had channeled their passion for a specific subject into telling amazing stories, read by thousands of people.

It's time to celebrate creators. Today, in honor of National Tell A Story Day, we're launching our Inspiring Creator NFT Drop.

This is more than a pretty JPEG. It comes with tons of cool perks, such as access to some of the most exclusive creator events that will be hosted in the years to come. And it's completely free. By claiming your NFT, you get:

  • invites to secret creator events
  • priority access to our product, so you can create without burning out
  • influence over the future direction of our product

Do we have your attention? You have 24 hours to claim your free NFT before it goes to auction.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Find your NFT in our collection
  • Claim your NFT by tweeting about it and tagging @salleyinc (E.g. "Claiming my NFT for @salleyinc's Inspiring Creator drop")
  • We'll confirm and DM you to send you the NFT (make sure your DMs are open)

Ready? Let's get to it!

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