EllisX is now Salley!

Hey everyone

We’re excited to announce that EllisX is now Salley!

In 2019, Leia and I began our journey to foster relationships that empower innovators to succeed. Our hunch, based on our combined experience building startups, was that to connect with customers, startup teams needed a much easier way to get in front of an engaged audience. I had previously started 3 startups in Ghana, while Leia had been the first marketing hire at 2 tech startups. Through these experiences we both saw how difficult it was for startups to find organic marketing channels and engineer word of mouth. 

Engaged communities are some of the best and most authentic ways of getting a product or idea the attention it needs to flourish. Product Hunt began as a newsletter where Ryan Hoover wrote about products he liked using. He later expanded this into a user-generated platform for hunting exciting, new products. Just like him, there are thousands of content creators on the internet who need interesting content to share with their engaged audience. Media is becoming increasingly decentralized. This is good for the entire ecosystem, since it provides a lot more avenues for startups to tell their stories.

During our beta, we connected 80+ startup teams with content creators who were interested in telling their stories. We also built a waitlist of over 450 startups across all stages (pre-seed to post-IPO) and helped content creators - both independent ones and professional journalists at the likes of TechCrunch and Business Insider - find interesting stories. Along the way, we realized that consistency was one of the main challenges many content creators were facing. While they loved telling great stories, they had to spend a ton of time on manual tasks they didn’t enjoy. We knew that to enable startups to scale organic distribution, we had to help creators focus on doing what they love. That’s why, in the short term, we will be building a community and tools that allow creators to do just that. 

We already have a community of more than 70 creators who are excited about our new product. Some of them are very influential and we will share their names with you soon. In the meantime, we will continue sharing marketing tips and tricks with you every month. 

We remain committed to our mission of fostering relationships that empower innovators to succeed and are excited about strengthening the creator ecosystem. This way,  great stories and ideas are discovered much more easily in the long run. 

We’re excited to share this journey with you and are looking forward to building the future of storytelling together :)

We’re just getting started

Richard & Leia  

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